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I haven't given a review for a vendor in the 14+ years that I've been keeping reef tanks, but as with many of us, I've bought coral from countless local and online vendors - This is the first time I've been inclined by such good service to post a review.


CherryCorals happens to be local to me, about 25 minutes away. I ordered corals again from him a few months back, and due to time constraints, asked him to ship them. I was very pleased when they arrived that they showed up in small plastic cups within their bags to help protect them, all within very good insulation bags within the boxes. I acclimated them, and moved on, and all was well and still is with the coral.


Last week I took Todd (Cherry of CherryCorals) up on his offer to have me by his warehouse. Within he has quite a few 400+ gallon coral tanks throughout the warehouse, all beautifully kept. I snapped one picture, below, of one of the many tanks (this one with mostly acans and blastos). I picked up a handful of items, including bicolor frogspawn, blastos, zoas, and a golden hammer (all now in my 28 NC).


His coral was amazing, and as I saw there, he only lists a very small percentage of his coral on his website. In talking with him, you'll quickly find out that he's a true enthusiast and very passionate, and stands behind his coral. You will get what you pay for from him - and it's beautiful stuff. His level of service was astounding.


If you haven't checked them out, take the time to do so - he really does have some great stuff.



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The shop is about 90 mins from me. I need to make it a point to get there someday. This makes me want to get there sooner than later.


Just call ahead of time - well worth the visit. He doesn't have "open to the public" hours, but in my experience, is open for walk-in visits with a little notice.


To be honest, I can't see myself buying coral from anywhere else moving forward.

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+1, been there a few times myself, I'm about 20mins away. Can't beat his livestock & selection is awesome, as well as service. I always find more to buy than I need!! lol

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Great post and thanks for the review. I am in Colorado but originally from Flint, Mi. So I travel back on occasion and I was wanting to stop by and hand pick some acros for them to ship to me. Sounds like it's worth the visit ?

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