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Issues with MyAquariumDepot.com (used to be Reefs2go.com)


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This is not a witch hunt, just an FYI before anyone buys from MyAquariumDepot.com. These are the guys that sell amphipods and copepods by the 1,000.

I bought from them to help add biodiversity to my 3 month old tank. I plan to get a dragonet down the line, so a good pod population is a necessity. This was supposed to be the groundwork for that.

The issue is that they ship poorly and almost everything I received was DOA. I paid $30 for the pods and I was able to count around 20 live amphipods and estimate around 200 dead ones. Some in the teddy bear stuffing material and many floating around in the bag. Copepods are harder to see, but I didn't see a single live one moving around the edges of the bag. I'm not even sure if any were in there.

The worst part is that to get their free expedited shipping, I also bought a couple of frags and an anemone crab. The poor crab arrived missing all of his left appendages and one right leg. It took me all day to get him to be responsive and he's now in a holding tank struggling to get around. It's really sad, but I'm holding out hope that he'll survive and a couple of molts might return some lost legs.

Anyway, that's my experience, and since they don't allow honest reviews on their website, I figured I'd throw it up here. Just shop at your own risk.

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