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Hello, I'm posting here and the review section per phuongs ok. I think we all either have seen or have something from ocean box designs. The fit and finish is second to none. You can really see this up close and personal if you ever make a purchase. The insert was done as if he had the tank in front of him. Perfect measurements.





I asked to have an AIO kit for a Do!Aqua 45-f. Although the timeline grew a little this was little concern as I know how OCB does nearly perfect work. I did a simple intake and outtake with two rack shelves. I haven't decided on a pump yet,there's not much room to work with as the tank is so shallow. Once all the return parts were fitted and modded it still left little room. I also did a cover for the AIO section with cutouts for the light and cords. The cover has a nice logo etched in its top.





Overall I wouldn't hesitate to do more business with ocean box designs. Answering pm's, emails were all done swiftly. He double/triple/quadruple in my case sizes and exactly what you want. I left up to him the rack colors, other than that it's to the T what I asked. I've already got more projects in mind. Any Reefer needing that special piece, or just a simple box, Ocean box designs is a good choice.


23104914943_347023da33_o.jpg20151211-154108-2 by -Nanofreak79-


23104914093_015a97a9bf_o.jpg20151211-154105-1 by -Nanofreak79-


23130928474_215e46ff53.jpg by -Nanofreak79-


23130963964_38f033e437.jpg by -Nanofreak79-


23733062526_9b236f7e7d.jpg by -Nanofreak79-


23650677682_25a3aba7fa.jpg by -Nanofreak79-


23391203189_ba49eb637a.jpg by -Nanofreak79-

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