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Reefs2Go macro algae?


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So I'm on the market for some nice interesting macro algae but I don't have a ton of money (I have enough, but not enough to go crazy with designer or expensive things) and I have been looking around for a nice website where I can buy some cheap macro algae for my tank that isn't chaeto, my local pet stores sell absolutely not macro algae at all. I came across reefs2go again and noticed they have a wonderful selection of macro that comes in fantastic shapes and colors and could be shipped free if I grabbed myself a thirty dollar pack like this http://www.reefs2go.com/product/MAC-GRACPODGRAPE/Small-Red-Mack-Pack---Gracilaria-Red-Grape-Pods.htmland added on some more interesting ones from their macro selection. I would absolutely NEVER buy living animals from reefs2go. I've heard the horror story. I wouldn't even trust them to send my lilting mushrooms or pods but I was wondering if their macro algae was worth spending maybe thirty bucks to buy

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My wife buys pods from them all the time. You never get quite what they advertise but they are still the cheapest around. She'll ocassionally buy some macro to get free shipping. Its usually so so.

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Most of their fancy macros (mainly the two spicifera I bought) melted by the time I got them a few months ago, but I chose 2-3 day shipping, not sure if that was a factor. However the portieria I got from them is still doing great, as was the red grape til something ate it.

Their new site is Aquariumdepot.com.

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