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SaltCritters and ReefCleaners


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I've bought from several online vendors over the past year or however long it's been this round of tank frenzy, but there's two who have always sent me quality stuff... SaltCritters and ReefCleaners.


Even the corals I got form SaltCritters whose bags burst in shipping (what is it with me and burst bags lately?) still acclimated and are doing great. I took advantage of their recent $10 sale and bought a bunch. Love em!


ReefCleaners, well, John's been talked about ad nauseum, but the personal attention he gives you is worth way more than he charges. All my dry rock and most of my cleanup crew are from him.


Props to you both!

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My first post here after lurking for a long time. I just received my very first order (ever) for anything related to aquariums or saltwater from John @ Reef Cleaners. It was absolutely fantastic and makes me want to buy more just to keep good people like this in business for years to come. My expectations were exceeded in every regard. My thanks!

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