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RBTA stressed?


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I bought a RBTA about two weeks ago (7/20) off Ebay. At first it seemed a bit bleached, but it has been increasingly getting it's color back. When fully expanded it's maybe 4 in across. I've been feeding small chunks of silversides every other day (plus whetever mysis and krill it catches when feeding the fish.)


My problem it that since this past Thursday (7/29) it's been "deflating" quite often (once a day to several times a day.) During the times when it is fully expanded it seems perfectly healthy, but it looks like death when it deflates.


The odd thing is that I have never actually seen it deflate. When I'm around I often will notice it expanding, but I have never witnessed the actual event of deflating. Yesterday I spent a large portion of the day adding a new sump to the aquarium and the RBTA seemed healthy most of the day. Today when I came home it was small and stringy again. After an hour or so, it came back to normal.


I suspect that maybe my A. ocellaris maybe trying to host it and is pissing it off. However, when I'm around, the clownfish seems to show no interest in the anemone (in fact it shows more interest in me.) My ocellaris is about 2 1/2 in. to 3 in.


Anybody have any input?

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Sounds like it is just expelling water from itself as normal. A good way to tell if one is unhappy is if it is moving around alot, looks pale or even clear, and if the foot is starting to decay. If that foot looks south of cheese....he may not be long for this world. If he is grabbing hard...then he is feeling fine. So long as it accepts and eats food, and continues to color up then i guess he will be jim dandy.

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