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After posting a thread looking for polyps Gti pmed me about some Rastas he had. He mentioned some other polyps he had and the prices were so good I HAD to take them off of his hands. I also asked about a frag of hornets he had and he answered back honestly that he did not feel comfortable sending them as they were not doing well. That, coupled with the literally the smoothest transaction I've ever had on here with another member means I will be looking into any for sale posts he makes in the future. I would not hesitate to buy from him again!


About the packaging, heat/ice was not necessary due to the time of year. All corals were individually bagged and sealed tight in a large ziplock for precautions, peanuts to absorb any bangs and bumps, and the cardboard was completely lined with styrofoam boards for insulation. Just about as good as packaging gets. Pictures can be found in my thread in my signature. ,

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I would also like to add that i received well packed frags from him as well. Everything opened up within hours even after a 3 day shipment. Great prices as well :)

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+1 for GTi.


Not only did he send me a starter CUC at one point, but I also bought Rastas for him at a great price and the shipping was perfect.


Smooth transaction!

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Just received my frags this morning and I am blown away with how amazingly packed these frags were. I have made plenty of purchases online and GTI's packing job was by far the best. My Rastas and Green gobbstopers have opened within an hour after 3 day shipping. If my CUC would leave the other frags alone they would probably be opened by now as well. On top of everything he threw in some chaeto and so micro brittle stars just because he is awesome. Don't even hesitate if you see an ad from him, buy it right away because I can guarantee you will be satisfied.

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