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If I wanted to paint the back of my mb 5 black, what kind of paint should I use, the shinny and glossy ones, or the flat black?


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I painted the back of my 7 gal mini bow. I used Behr semi-gloss from Home Depot. The color I used is Midnight Sky and it turned out great!! I painted 5 coats!!!

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Any spray paint works. Seriously.

I used a flat black acrylic spray from Walmart for my 65 gal. Cost me 3-something for the can and I just sprayed until I couldn't see light on the other side. When it pseudo-dried (10 mins or so), I looked from the other side and saw a couple of thin spots (through sunlight, mind you. In a normal tank setup you wouldn't notice it at all) and put the rest of the can into the weak areas. Done. Left it outside for a couple days and it's rock hard and looks good.

My girlfriend also did her 33 with a can of gloss royal blue enamel. Same story, and the gloss doesn't create a problem like I expected it would - you don't notice the gloss at all through glass.

The only variation when using a non-black paint is that you want to be much more careful taping up the rim (if your tank has one) as you don't want the paint to show up.


As with any paint job around a reef, I'd suggest letting it dry for a few days before setting it up.

That said, she set hers up less than 24 hours after spraying it and everybody looks fine.

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I painted with a brush. I spent a little more money and effort than using spray paint. I don't like the fumes!! I got excellent coverage... I work slow and steady!!

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Thanks all, I just painted the Back of my 2.5g with some regular flat black paint from Home Depot... Worked like a charm :)

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