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Weird Growth on GSP


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Hi all, I have had a piece of green star polyp almost since the beginning of my tank (which is about 9 months old). It started as a little piece, less than 1 cm sq. At first I tried to attach it to the back glass but it kept falling off after a while. So eventually I attached it to a piece of live rock/coral skeleton that had been out of the tank and dry for several months. It has slowly grown and done quite well, but about 3 months ago I noticed that when the tentacles were all pulled in, it had a weird grey growth in the middle. Over the last month or so, ihas been growing long, tentacle like structures from the grey growths. These tentacles done retract when touched or bothered, and one actually broke when I wiggled the rock to take the attached photos.


As an aside, I had an acan that was growing well, and I moved it law to the gsp rock, and it ended up looking like it had been stung by something. The only other things near it are mushrooms and a Duncan, neither of which is likely to have stung it, so I wonder if it could be the growths.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...





Whoops. Hit the post button too soon. Two more pics






I should at the grey blobs with the hollow centre are not visible with full polyp extension.

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What the Sam hell. Looks like your gsp has the reef herpes.


Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, that's a bizzare growth for sure and I'm curious myself as to what it is. I would buy the sponge explanation I suppose.

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They are tube sponges. You can pull them out using tweezers or lightly brush it off with a soft toothbrush. Generally pretty harmless tho

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I have something very similar on some of my palys. I would try to get rid of them as fast as possible. They tend to get in the way and since they grow so quickly, they can take over an area and prevent the corals you do want from spreading. I left them for a while and they ended up spreading all over the tank and now I can't get rid of them.

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Thanks for all the replies. I will remove them. Just what I need is more fast growing things to eradicate. I already spend more time than i would like plucking bubble algae!

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i would say the mushroom is probably what stung your acan. mushies don't play well with mostly anyone..


Really? I thought that at first, but then did some research and saw that green hairy mushrooms were pretty benign, and I've never seen a stinger on one. Not that these growths look like they would sting either.

I try to have a pacifist tank where everyone plays nicely with each other. I guess that isn't always possible...

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Mushrooms do not sting other corals. They excrete a toxins. If the acan was down flow from the Mushie then I could see it getting harmed. The Duncans could have stung them though.


Hint w/the bubble algae... Take the vacuum off your siphon and use the tube alone. Start it up, place the tube over bubble and drag it sideways. This way if you do pop the bubble all the spores are still siphoned out. Goes pretty quick too.

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