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Add on Nano Display Refugium


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So i was messing round with ideas in my head on what i want to do next with my jbj cubey. I used to have a 55 reef with a custom 10 gallon acrylic display refugium in the sump that i loved and wanted to try to bring that to my 3 gallon.


one issue.... an overflow for such a small tank


solution, sealed system idea.


Thinking of using the empty glass bottle from a handle of Kraken Rum, fill with a few inches of sand, some rock rubble that i can fit into the bottle, and some macro algae with the possibility of a small mantis shrimp. cork the top (or a fitted plastic cap if i can match the threads) with two pieces or airline tubing going in (inflow and outflow)


Think sealed container sitting on the same surface as the main display, run using a toms aqualifter pump ( not sure if it should go inline on the inflow or outflow relative to the refugium.


Anyone do anything like this before?

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