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Cultivated Reef

Lumia 5.2 wiring trouble urgent.


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Reason for urgent is I am out of town tomorrow and need my light to work for my tank.


So here is whats up. 2 lumia 5.2, 5ch driver coralux board, storm controller, genesis 350 watt 48v power supply.


SO: 48v positive and negative to driver board positive and negative.

Driver Board's 1-5 inputs go to storm's 1-5 outputs.

Storm's negative outputs all put into one and wired to Driver Board's other negative

From Driver board's LED out puts the positives 1-5 run to positive inputs of lumia #1.

From Lumia #1 negative output to Lumia #2 positive input.

Lumia #2's output back to driver board 1-5 negatives.


Problem, all works fine except Ch1 of lumia's come on when 48v power supply is on and have no need of controller supply. Even when Storm pins are pulled out ch1 comes one with 48v.



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the driver for ch1 had one of the prongs bent and not actually in the whole. Unbent it and made sure they all lined up and worked just fine. Silly me. I shot like 5 messages to jedimasterben haha now I feel like a dork because it was a such a simple fix

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