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Alright so long time lurker first time poster have had a 120 gallon reef tabk for 2 years now but with new addition to the family and renovation of a house from the forties let's just say that isn't going to be set back up for awhile in the meantime to fuel my addiction ove decided to start up a reef jar and give that a shot.So far this is my equipment list:

-1.5 gallon glass jar with glass lid


-Tom's c-80 canister filter (picked that up used from lfs figured would be perfect for flow and some sort of media filtration or possibly small refugium, ideas on that?)

-small heater that I used in my biocube

-now as far as light I do have a 1 year old tao tronics dimmable led fixture that I really never used on my 120 due to a good deal I found on metal halide afterwards. So my question stick with that or pick up a par 38 full spectrum?


- have as much dry rock from my 120 gallon when I shut that down so I plan On breaking some up and aquascaping thinking about going bare bottom just reduce nitrat issue otherwise thick crushed coral instead.


Stocking wise I lovvvee softies, pom poms waving hand xenias etc..love the way they move with the flow..but I'd also like to keep anything that catches my eye.


One or two hermits maybe a cerith or two and that's it.


To keep it all fresh 100% wc every week.


Whatcha all think? Once I get the pieces together here in about a week I'll post some pick and get this thread started..who doesn't love pics right??!

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Thanks was hoping to have everything set up this weekend but house construction pushed that back but I'll get some pics up of it soon the room ts going into is almost done..dying to get back into the game!!

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