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Moving Livestock to a Tank with Different Salt

RIP Sebastian

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RIP Sebastian

Hey y'all,


So for the past few months I've had a successful 5.5 aga reef. I thought it would be enough. WRONG!!!!!


I'm contemplating purchasing an RSM C250. I would like to use red sea salt in it, but I am currently using instant ocean in my 5.5. Would I need to acclimate the sand and rock, coral and fish to the new salt?



RIP Sebastian

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If the parameters (Alk, Ca, Ph, temperature, etc) are similar you can just do a normal drip acclimation of the Corals and Fish.


I assume you will be buying new sand, no? lol don't use the old from the 5.5 :)


Live rock does not need to be acclimated as long as the parameters are similar

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If you just do small changes, it's not a problem after matching salinity and temp. Do like 1 gallon a week.


I don't like re-using sand as well unless you rinse the heck out of it. Too much crap gets stirred up and carried into the new tank.

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Why not?

Because it might have junk trapped underneath it and nitrates, which can shock your other tank. I would just throw it away and use new sand, specially if it's DSB.

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