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Huffy's IM Fusion 10g - Coralline Algae!


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I will try and get a picture later.

I did use it with the normal power adapter for a while but recently got a 12v adapter for it. With the normal (24v) adapter it was a little much i thought. But with the 12v adapter it is perfect. I can use it on else (random) mode and it gives a lot of random flow.


Awesome, good to know. I look forward to seeing the picture.

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Jealous of that birdsnest. Tank looks great.

It was from a local reefer. I thought it was going to be $50, then he told me it was $10! Was super excited.

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Have a better picture that shows the RW-4 in this tank? Curious as to how big it is. Also, do you have it with the standard power adapter, or did you get one of the adjustable ones to turn down the power? I've read the RW-4 can push a lot of water, and am afraid it might be too much for this sized tank.

Here is a pic. Sorry for the crappy quality, took it with my iPhone. I have the RW-4 on the back wall pointed at the front glass. It is angled a little bit towards the middle and down if that makes sense.



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