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Reverse UGF


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You may want to lookup the RFUG setups that were the rage in planted tanks quite a few years ago. In that case, the purpose was to create a CO2 rich plenum under the gravel that would filter up into the substate for the plant roots. IIRC, there was some guy who builds some large and beautiful planted tanks with his soil on a raised bed, leaving a few inches of water under everything to do his co2/fertilizer injection/maintenance of under-substrate space.


However I think most people have concluded that the loss of tank space and different concerns / maintenance tasks produced results that were not superior to other methods, so have gone back to more traditional forms of planted tank husbandry.

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Thanks khuzdul. Will look it up. Just curious if anybody tried this in saltwater. Could be a good filatration (?) for a tank that needs slow water movement.

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Nano sapiens

I remember when RUGF was the latest thing...


Check out user 'Paul.b' and his 40+ year old tank still using a RUGF. He posts on this site, RC, R2R.

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