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5 fish in a 20H?


5 Fish?  

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I have currently set up 20H and a 7.5g Mr Aqua bowfront. I have, in the 20H, a yellow watchman goby, a flame hawkfish, and a royal gramma. In the 7.5g Mr Aqua I have two Occ. Clownfish. I wan wanting to combine both tanks together in the 20H. I do have a sump with tunze protein skimmer on the 20H.


Current pic of the 20H.



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It what u feel comfortable doing. Yea they prob can all live in there. Some would say yes some would say no. U may experience some nutrient issues, but it should balance out. Most people wouldn't keep 2 occ clowns in a seveN gallon. I would say you are better off putting everything in the 20. Especially the clowns.


I have five four in a six gallon but they are tinyyy and stay tinyyy. (Flaming prawn goby, pink streaked wrasse, pair of high fin gobies)

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Yeh I bought the clowns as juvies knowing I would be upgrading them to a bigger tank before they matured. Like you said, the nutrients imbalance will level out, I've seen this happen many times over the years. The tank will be heavy on soft coral with some LPS so the extra fish poo will likely be beneficial.

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Yeah I have 2 clowns,a six line and a diamond goby in my 20L and I feel I could add another at some stage. I have a skimmer rated for 75g which is the only reason why I would.

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