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flame scallop


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i have a 10 gallon nano cube with a flame scallop i have had since last week. the falem scallop has been doing good till this morning when i turned the light on its wavy wiggle things were gone. i looked inside and they look ate off. The guy at teh pet store said there was a little white crab in there but he said it wouldnt hurt anyhting. my salinity is at .22 and i have good ph,ammonia,nitrate and nitriets. The other tank mates are


1 scotter blenney

1 clown fish

1 peppermint shrimp

1 turbo grazer snail

1 red algae hermit crab

3 bummble bee snails


i also have live rock in tank and the substrate is crushed shells. i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what the problm is with my scallop and will it be ok.


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They need to be feed a lot. Mine died after 2 months. Most scallops don't live more than this. good luck.

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Flame scallops won't live in a nano for long. It will starve to death.


One reason why yours isn't lasting even as long as Bowman26's is that your specific gravity is very low. I assume you mean 1.22, not .22. Even so, it should be more like 1.24 to 1.25... When you raise it be sure to do it slowly over time! Also, you did not mention the temp, the tank temp should be between 80-84 degrees. These changes will not save the flame scallop but will make the other inhabitants happier.

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it has died.........i just went in and moved my net by it and it didnt close......this morning it closed and opened when i did that. There is also a crab that is smalle white and has a ridge going down its back. it was caught in the clams inside parts and i had to dig it out. I got it in a jar of tnak water. im not sure what it is.

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