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Lighting fixture for 5.5 gallon


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I thought so too. A retrofit kit would be around $50 dollars under that marked price, so I figure a complete fixture with bulb and ballast is worth about that much.

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I am gonna be cheap here, is a 36W pc enough to keep sps corals and a clam in a 5.5 gallon? I don't think so, but I will ask anyway.

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That is what I thought, how about the coralife 96W quad fixture? It is $88 bucks on hellolights.com. That sounds like a great deal, and IMO that would be enough for both clam and coral.

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Well, that is a nice retro kit, but I have 3 problems with it:


#1: I don't plan on having a hood to place it in.


#2: It doesn't put out as much light as the 96W.


#3: The 96W is cheaper than that retro kit.


I can live with it looking a little silly. I don't mind it hanging out a couple of inches on both sides. That just means that it is completely covering the entire aquarium. Besides, the nano tank is right next to my bed, I could use it as a lamp (the lights on the aquarium are turned on at 12 noon and stay on until 12 midnight, that is when I am normally awake).

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sorry i thought it was 24" long i guess if youdont mind the look then that might be the best choice for you. The price is def right. In all reality i contemplated that light but opted to spend the extra cash for a more "clean" look, which is just my preferance, and i think hamilton is better quality. Its not a biased decision either as i have the coralife 4x65w on my 90 gal fowlr. For the price that light might be the one for you!

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Oh yeah, almost as much as the damn 36W that I got at the lfs, $75 bucks for that thing! I think that it is 20" the 96W quad, or was it 18"? I don't remember off the top of my head.

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