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Looking for a pre-wired 12vdc fan


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I am looking for some help locating a 12vdc fan that comes with its own power supply. Somewhere on this site, some one had a link to a company that sold a complete setup. I now cannot find that link now that I want one. If anyone can direct me to the site that sells these, I would be deeply appreciated.


Many Thanks,


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If you wire a 12 volt DC fan onto a power supply that switches to lower voltages, you can slow the fan down (and decrease the noise) by lowering the voltage. That, IMO, is a big plus over getting something pre-made ...

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Best way to do this is to go to Fry's and get a Coby AC/DC universal power adapter, and a fan of your choice. I like the Vantec Stealth fans. With the Vantec, it's great because you can use the extra connector they give you, and attach it to your adapter.


Cut the end off the adapter, and cut the extra connector they give you. Wire the red of the connector to the wire with the white stripe on the Coby adapter. Then wire the black connector wire to the black Coby wire. Plug it in, and viola! Cool thing about the Coby adapter is the adjustable voltage, which allows you to slow down or speed up the fan as needed. I have a Coby adapter wired to two Vantec stealth fans on my CSL 20" hood with a 70w MH. I run the fans at 7.5 volts.


This is pretty foolproof, and very easy to do. DC power is much safer to work with than AC, so don't worry about wiring it up, you can do it!

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Thanks KrackerG,

This will help me out allot. I do not want to build my own right now. I just want to get one that was pre-wired and then install it in my canopy.


trmiv- I was thinking of doing something like that. Right now I am on disability because of back surgery, and with everything else I am trying to do on this new tank, I just was not in the mood to hunt down parts and then have to go get them. I was hoping for something I can get pre made and shipped to me. Other wise I'M BEING LAZY!

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Yea, I understand. My dad is actually having back surgery in about 2 hours. He's going to be on disability for a good long while.


I don't know of any pre-wired DC fans with an AC adapter though.

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