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Orbel College Nano Tank


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I been lurking for a couple of months in this forum. I been looking to get inspiration to do this build. I am going to Missouri for college and this is the build I am planning to build there.




Innovative Marine 16 Nuvo AIO

  • Innovative Marine Spin Stream Nozzle X2
  • Innovative marine CustomCaddy Media Basket X2
  • MaxiJet 1200 returns X2
  • Reef Radiance 155-e
  • Reef Keeper Lite
  • Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater
  • Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller


  • Filter floss
  • Chemipure Blue
  • Biopellets(If I end up getting a skimmer)
  • Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer/ Aquamaxx HOB-XC
  • Deep Sand Bed (DSB)


  • Pair of Clownfish
  • BTA
  • This the BTA I plan to add


  • Aussie SPS(not sure yet)

Dosing(Not sure yet)

  • Aquamaxx S-Nano Calcium Reactor
  • E.S.V. B-Ionic 2-part
  • Weekly water changes IO Reef Crystal

What you guys think? Any input is welcome.

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From my experience last year keeping a nano at college, these are my recommendations:


Don't stock heavy, don't dose, just do weekly 5G water changes with a good salt.

Get a good RODI unit with a faucet adapter kit and auto shut off.

Get a cheap rip pump for mixing and pumping in new water.

Don't do DSB, do the thinnest you can, ideally 1/2" or less.

Where is your auto top off that will help a lot.

An auto feeder is a must in case something comes up, just load it with pellets.

Don't get a calcium reactor, take that money and buy Red Sea Coral Pro instead.

I would recommend a controller like an Apex.

I would also recommend a smaller LED that can tank mount like a Nanobox Mini Tide

Simplify! Ideally you want your entire weekly maintenance routine to be on the weekends and take 30 minutes.

During the week all you should need to do is feed.

No need for a chiller, just increase surface disturbance if needed.

If possible, make your rocks one solid structure, moves will be a million times easier.


The more you can simplify the better, this is all things I had in mind when building my tank, right now all I do is feed and I spend 30 minutes every Saturday replacing one of the canisters and vacuuming sand and WC, that's it, only takes 30 minutes. The more you plan ahead and simplify the better.

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Thanks for the advise!! I have been following your thread I like the close loop system.

I already have a RODI system from my 150g that I am taking with me. I have a mini mixing station as well.

Ill do 1" the least I kind of like the thick look of sand.

I will have to invest in a autofeeder but I mostly like to be hands on already ordered the Innovative Marine Gourmet Gadgets to feed.

Calcium reactor is only if what ever I put in the tank consumes a lot of nutirents if dosing isnt enough but I think i might just go with anemone and clownfish to keep it simple.

ReefKeeper Lite and LED is from a breakdown so I will see if I do want to invest in other controller or light. Are you sure I dont need a chiller for the summer in Missouri?

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Quite sure, I'm in Florida and no need for a chiller. Worst case scenario just get a clip on fan, that will do what you need. :)


Thick sand looks nice but the thinner the easier it is to keep clean. The RKL is nice, I actually missed you had that when I made my post. Regarding the light, I only say you'll want something else because typically those need to be ceiling hung.

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  • 6 months later...

*Update (Pictures Might Be Big) couldn't compressed them
The tank arrived safely to college with me and is up and running. Cycled and I am just maintaining the cycle by ghost feeding until I get to LA.

My auto-top off last me about a month before I have to refill.

This will be my HOB refugium not sure if to add chaeto or mangrooves.

small tank will house either brine shrimp or pods not sure yet still deciding. you can also see my future QT tank.

Mini ridge will house my froozen food and might do a DIY chiller will see in the summer.

It is a bit messy because I just moved everything around and still tinkering with stuff.

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