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carbon: coralline killer???


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Ok, i've recived conflicting reports on carbon, i'v always had a bag of it in all my tanks, salt and fresh but i'v been told that it can slow the growth of coralline algae. I'm going to no doubght keep it in my tank for atleast most of the time. however it would be nice to have a little better growth. well the over all question is what do you do and how does it effect growth?

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I run carbon in both my tanks and if i dont wipe the sides down at least once a week i get coralline growing on em.


and it SUCKS to scrub coralline off acrylic....


so no carbon does not kill coralline

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There are lots of compounds in the water that filter out uv light, if u suddenly add alot of carbon the light intensity can be increased quite a bit. This will cause coralline to bleach out but it should regrow. Or if u know a system hasnt used carbon in a long time or might be somewhat dirty, just start with less carbon and build up over time. u also want to use the right grade carbon that wont leach out PO4

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