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Fluval Edge Lighting


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Hi Everyone,

I saw this post that detailed Nick's awesome fluval edge setup:http://www.nanoreefb......anoReefBlog)

I'm in the process of buying and setting up my first tank, and I've purchased the fluval edge 12 gallon as well. I'm currently looking at lighting upgrades I'm looking at these two Ebay sellers which seem to have a similar item for sale:



ALSO, why wouldn't something like this work (even though it's larger then the original, it could be placed on top with a custom cover, right???


Being so new to this, I'm unsure of what I should get, and why...I know Nick had gotten the 36W lighting system, I just don't know if I need that much...as far as Corals, I want stuff that's bright and cool looking, similar to what he had in his, but at the same time not super expensive or hard to maintain since I'm so new to this. I also would really like an anemone and clown fish in there. Could you tell me what would be best for me in terms of wattage, frequency (do I really need full spectrum?), and what the benefits are of having a timer and dimmer (I noticed on Nick's that he kept it at half power/intensity a lot of the times, so why not just get an 18W and run at full power instead?)

Are there other alternatives out there that will work with this size tank that are better than these two options?? I'm open to any suggestions...

Thank you!!!


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