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bc29 - clownfish heaven / nem haven


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set this up a few weeks ago. everything was from a well established reef system. right now i have about a dozen e. quadricolor and a spawning pair of ocillaris. a few inverts here and there as well.


the tank itself is stock except for the rapid led light system. i also cut down a 4" block of marinepure and put that in the center chamber. love marinepure. i haven't had a need to add any type of wavemaker as the stock pump seems to create enough flow for the nems. the only complaint i have is the amount of micro bubbles i get!


And pics of the stand I made.






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How do you like those Rapid leds?? Looks like you're getting some awesome color!


I like them....for leds. I'm a mh/t5 kinda guy. I think the final ratio was 12 cw, 8 rb and 4 blue.

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