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Fluval Spec V Pico (x-post)


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I've been lurking for a few days and I just picked up a new Fluval Spec V for $50. I'm super excited to get this started as ive been researching and lurking on many forums for about 6 months. I know this stock pump isn't going to really work for me but I'm having a hard time finding a replacement pump that will fit. I wish i could find the Mini-jet 606 that everyone loves but it seems I am a little late to that party and cant seem to find it anywhere that doesn't want an absurd amount for it. I believe i saw someone on a forum recommend this or this. Does anyone have any recommendations or can verify that these will fit?



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Sorry, you got passed up. I suggest looking through some tank threads that are running a similar setup. Also type in fluval spec V in the search bar and see if anyone else has upgraded the stock pump to something comparable. You can also check tank threads for Aqueon Evolve 4 and 8 owners. I had an Aqueon 8 in the past and used a Rio 800 pump. Best of luck.


Oh, and welcome to Nano-Reef

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I was lucky enough to get one the remaining 606's from intank. But I'm sure the rio 50gph would fit!


I have a wp-10 in my spec v and it does great! No dead spots, also everyone says its to powerful for the tank but it's not.

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