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Finding a Reef store in North West Oregon?


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Hey everyone. I just got into reefing but I am having trouble finding a place to purchase corals from eventually. There is a Local store in the city I live in but their coral selection is really small. I know not many people are from Oregon but I hope some of them can give me suggestions.


I live in Corvallis and would be willing to drive as far as Portland (1.5 hours North) or Eugene (hour South). So any suggestion?


Sorry if this is the Wrong Sub-Fourm but I couldn't think of any better ones.

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I am in Eugene, and we have Aqua Serene, Pet Time, and The Nautilus.


These probably stack up for me as far as coral quality and selection as:

1. Aqua Serene

2. The Nautilus

3. Pet Time


In Salem, you have The Premium Aquarium, which has a pretty nice selection of stuff - and would probably be the closest place for you.


For Portland area, there is Critter Cabana in Wilsonville which I actually like quite a bit. Really nice coral, and big selection. Carry a bunch of tanks, and other reef gear you can't really get other places.


In Portland Proper, you have Cuttlefish and Coral, Upscales, and probably a bunch of other places that I haven't yet been to.


Also if you have any interest in freshwater, you'd better go check out the Wet Spot in Portland.

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Thanks man this helped a lot, I will probably check out the one in Wilsonville and Salem this weekend. I do also have a freshwater tank but its taking a back seat for my salty tank, the local store here also has a pretty decent freshwater selection its just the saltwater that's lacking.

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The Wet Spot has some pretty dang nice planted tanks. I have to avoid going there now that I am focusing on reef, or else I will start thinking about planted tanks again :D

As far as Critter Cabana goes, make sure it's the Wilsonville location and not Newberg. I don't think Newberg has any marine section at all.

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