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Monti cap on the overflow


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Thinking about putting my monti cap on my corner overflow, have seen this done on some other tanks and think it looks pretty cool.


Just wondering about the best way to mount it -


  • Glue it straight to the wall. Not sure how I would do this since it's a pretty flat piece and I want it to remain facing upward (flat piece parallel to the water's surface).
  • I have a used Mag Float that I don't mind parting with. Wondering if I could glue it to the top of that (to keep the flat look) and then stick the other part of the magnet on the inside of the overflow?
  • Plan C? Other ideas would be great!
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Ive used the mag float and I've also used a piece of egg create both have worked really well,for me in the past (check out my old 20l thread)

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