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Torch Coral Flow


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Hi All,
I just put the Torch coral in my tank a couple of days ago.
Does it have enough flow ? Sorry for the poor quality video.

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He looks happy right where he is, but if you want longer extention, than turn up the flow just a hair! mae him stay at a 45* angle. he'll be chucking out sweepers. haha.

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I have an "Aussie Hellfire torch" Its purple and the tips are neon green. pretty cool. It's BY FAR my favorite coral. Heres a video I just took of the flow I have on mine.



Camera obviously doesn't show ANY color whatsoever. lol.....i hate cameras.

Oh yeah, the other torch in the corner on the rack is just a "plain jane" green torch. he's under recovery and being fed every other day because my sixline picked all the tips off him.... smh.

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