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Coral Vue Hydros

KND107 25G Ecoxotic Cube [powered by Nano Box DUO]


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//FTS (placeholder)


//Equipment List

  • Tank - Ecoxotic18" Cube
  • Sump - BAO 18" Sump
  • Light - Nanobox DUO
  • Powerhead - MP10ES
  • Skimmer - TBD (have a Hydro Slim but probably get a in-sump in the future)
  • Return Pump - TBD (probably SICCE maybe DC3000)
  • ATO - TBD (probably JBJ)
  • Heaters - TBD (probably eheim)


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD


// 03.28.15 Post 01


Hey guys,


I took down my 7.5G AIO DBP a couple of weeks ago and now plan to restart my old 25G Ecoxotic Cube. The tank is similar to the older Solana AIO but the AIO compartments are smaller.


Anyway, I am not sure what I want to do with this tank. I just had it sitting here and then I picked up a nanobox duo so I figured I start this tank back up.


Here is a picture of the old set-up:




First thing I need to do is find a way to mount the Duo on the tank.


Here is the light just attached to the back wall. I was thinking of reinforcing the false wall with acrylic or getting a longer gooseneck. Don't feel like shipping it back to Dave tho.








What do you guys think? Besides doing something about the light, I want to keep it simple. Might consider drilling the tank for a sump set-up. Not sure yet.

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For mounting the Duo, I am most likely going to get some scrap acrylic and reinforcing the center of the false wall.


Still not sure if I want to do any DIY projects on this one. I modded the stock skimmer (back in the day) but thats about it. I was considering removing the false wall and making another overflow and sump configuration. I've done that on my 40G Breeder and 30G Cube.


Most likely going to keep it simple and leave it alone.


The only part that stinks is that I purchased media baskets from intank that didn't fit and I have a hydor nano slim that doesn't fit either.

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Now, I'm thinking about just ripping out the false wall and making one like my 7.5G. If I'm already going to make a large portion of it, why not do the whole thing.... right?


Option 01 - Just reinforce the false wall




Option 02 - Replace the False Wall



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  • 2 weeks later...

So, I changed my mind again and will make a coast to coast overflow box with sump.


I ordered a sump from Building an Obsession and I now need to build a stand to house it. The sump is 18" square so my stand needs to be slight bigger than the tank (tank is also 18" cube).


The DUO needs to mount on the back glass wall now so I need to get a longer gooseneck <_<

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  • 3 weeks later...

Some quick pictures/ updates:


Got a big project going out this week so hopefully I got some time coming up to work on things:

  • Replace gooseneck on the DUO; already got it from Dave
  • Build a stand
  • Build a overflow
  • Remove old AIO compartments

I did get the sump in. I also purchased some dosing containers for the 105g. (yes, yes, I will eventually actually set it up). Not planning on dosing in the 25G just yet.










This sump is pretty sweet. I was almost going to take it for my 105G but the return pump section doesn't fit my DC6000 whereas I was planning on upsizing to the DC12000 in the future (depending on whats out in the market).


I will probably review the sump in more detail when I actually set it up but here are some high level comments:

  • The one drain hole can not be utilized with a bulkhead because of the filter sock baffle wall. I know that they planned it with a uniseal so I'll see how it turns out. The sump didn't come with the uniseals so I need to follow up and make sure that it wasn't supposed to be shipped with them.
  • Probe holder is in the drain area. Not sure if I like that or not.
  • There isn't a cut-out for emergency overflow if the filter sock gets clogged. The acrylic doesn't go all the way to the top so it might be ok.
  • Holes for dosing lines are located in the "skimmer" chamber. I think I would have preferred to have them in the return chamber.
  • Overall quality and aesthetics are nice.

Surprisingly, it does fit the Vertex 150 skimmer (just barely).


In other news, I did start filling my 105G up with water. I am planning to have a temp set-up so the rock can cycle instead of just placing it in a small tank or stock tank. It just looked sad sitting empty for so long.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm not sure what you are talking about, what addiction? Just because I'm water testing 2 sumps?!


The one on the left is the EA RS-32 and the one on the right is BAO 18" Cube Sump.







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