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RFA possibly sick. Need answers


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I've had my RFA in my tank for about 2 weeks and she immediately scrunched herself between the glass and a rock at the back of the tank. I've been leaving her alone in hopes that she would come out to a better viewing spot.


I've been feeding her 2x week with Frozen mysis. I'm unable to get chunks to her but i squirt it in her vicinity along with feeding the rest of the tank.


Tonight i noticed a long dark string of material coming from the vicinity of her mouth.. If she was a torch or hammer coral i would say she was expelling her Zooxanthellae.


Anyway, here's a couple of pics of it..It's the long dark substance near where her mouth would be. Can anyone help let me know what may be going on?


Also, can anyone ID that very small bright white curly Q type thing that shows up in both Pics?





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The spirals are Spirorbid polychaetes and are tiny filter feeders. Good to have. I scrape them off the glass I look through but let them cover anything else they want. You'll likely find them in your pumps and powerheads as well during maintenance. Scrape them off the insides obviously, outside is your call.


Asx for the nem, No expert but it is expelling something. Mouth looks a bit gapey to me. It might actually be that you are over feeding and the food is rotting in its gut, which is what it is expelling. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in.

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