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ML's IM 10 Fusion New Nem!


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You all know the drill...



Nanobox Mini Tide

PicO Skim v 2.0

Eheim Jager 50 Watt

Tunze Nano ATO

(Pump Upgrade Very Soon)

MP 10 (Maybe)

Going for the minimalist look for this guy! Very simple not too much flare.

Current FTS April 10th, 2015

16915482528_2360f44d55_o.jpgIMG_0064 by tduplaga12, on Flickr

May 9th, FTS

17278934570_003c137fd2_o.jpgIMG_0864 by Ty D, on Flickr

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Welcome to the club! Great start! Following.



Nice :) i like minimalistic


Thank you!!


Tanks about ready for a small CUC..So I may head somewhere Saturday to pick up a couple new things :)

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Moved everything over from the 4g! Ill get some pictures tomorrow. Added some zoas and cloves. The RBTA loves his new home and snuggled up in a nice nook in the front.

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Picked up this little guy yesterday and whaddya know he went straight to the nem...Pushing all my sexies out of there home:( I haven't seen the smallest sexy yet today...I hope hes okay..Ive spent months trying to get my other clowns to host and this dude decides on day 1!

17255853132_5e8cc4b603_o.jpgIMG_0602 by tduplaga12, on Flickr

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Looking great! :)

Thanks Dave! I think you may have another order comin in soon..Gotta take advantage of the cash flow before I head to school!

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Beautiful tank. I love the clown and bubble tip anemone. I'm still a bit nervous to add one to my tank.

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Beautiful tank. I love the clown and bubble tip anemone. I'm still a bit nervous to add one to my tank.

The clown or BTA? I actually got the BTA from petco about 8 months ago and its been doing great! He was in my little 4g for awhile too!

Thanks for the compliment! The tank is kinda becoming a spot to put stuff from my 40g that's not doing well or that I don't think looks good in the big tank..But I love it just as much! I've been meaning to go out one day and get a buncha nice frags to go in there but my LFS selection has been quite subpar as of late...Everyone I go to...Im going to try and head into the city on Saturday and check out Manhattan Aquariums. They seem to always have a couple pieces I like!



16773607783_70e4577f06_o.jpgIMG_0847 by tduplaga12, on Flickr

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I really am starting to adore this little tank...Its kinda becoming a "hospital tank" for things that weren't doing so well in the 40. The lobo has stopped receding, and is eating like a champ again. (You can see in the below pic where the tissue is gone) I have a few zoas that just refused to open up in the 40...My reeftek starburst monti is in there too...I still haven't figured out whats up with him...but I removed a vermetid snail that was underneath his skeleton..The maxi I have is growing so fast and he looks like his color is getting better than when we got him!

17278934570_003c137fd2_o.jpgIMG_0864 by Ty D, on Flickr


17466216881_d52f302e86_z.jpgIMG_0869 by Ty D, on Flickr

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Is the anemone partially bleached or is that its color? It looks badass haha

Nope that's his color! I love that little guy..hes been with me for awhile!

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Tide + corals = pure sexy. ;)


Keep it up!

Absolutely...Why do you think I have a third NB on the way? When I said I was a customer fooolyfeee I wasn't lying:)

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