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live rock question.


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So for starting my fowlr tank I'm looking into different types of live rock. The main LFS I go to has 2 kinds. Haiti, and vanuatu. Haiti is 6$ a pound and Vanuatu is 12$ a pound. They are both porous and the Vanuatu is lighter so i would get more rocks for my money.


But the girl in the phone just now said about hitch hikers, they are all probably long gone cause the rock has been there so long. They are kept in huge containers under spray bars in a plastic covered section of the store.


So what should I do? There are a few more salt water shops here in Quebec canada, should I look for fiji? Also some people sell live rock online on kijiji (like Craigslist) for half the price. Kept in tanks.


Or should I just get the haiti or Vanuatu? Even kept in the shop so long will they still cycle my tank well and come with some little critters?


Edit: found a guy selling fiji and bali, tons of it. Was in his tanks for years and now in tubs in salt water with powerheads and stuff. Half the price of LFS. Worth it?

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