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T5 48W (2x24W) : Could this support a BTA in a 20G?


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I'm the process of bedding in a 20G tank and have just bought a 48W T5 Lumnaire to light the tank.


Given the HO of these T5's and the fact that the distance from the water surface to the top of the tank's substrate is approx 12", does anyone think this will be enough light for a Bubble Tipped Anemone? There's plenty of LR to clamber over too to get even closer to the surface/light too .


I've done a bit of reading/searching on these forums and found a link to a site where someone advised on 4W per gallon for BTA's. Given the HO of the T5's and the relatively shallow reef tank I have, I just wondered whether people though this was viable.



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Don't do it. 2X 24 watt T5s with parabolic reflectors (not flat ones) are roughly equal to 1 65 watt PC. That's enough light for 'shrooms, some zoanthids, xenia, and marginal for some LPS ... but not good enough for clams, host anenomes, or SPS.


You'd want at least double that light for a fighting chance with high light critters.


Based partly on my own experience with 3 T5s + a 55 watt PC over a 20H.

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