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Corals under 34 watts in a Cube


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Currently I have:





Waving Hand Xenia



Are there any other coral I can keep under 34 watts of PC in my nano-cube? It's going to be awhile until I add more lighting, so I'd like some more variety if possible...

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depends on the depth of you tank. you can get away with keeping corals some say you "can't". I've read of people keeping supposedly un-keepable clams under PC lighting. Experiment with small frags and see how they do. Obviously if they don't grow and aren't looking too good the lighting isnt enough or they need supplemental feeding


you oughta be OK with bubbles, hammers, torches, frogspawns, or leathers. Then again, I'm relatively new to all this, but I've read a good deal and ahve tried different corals in my new tank. They are all doing fine. (36 watts PC) Just read up on lighting needs and adjust you coral placement accordingly (higher or lower in the tnak)

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