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Prizm Review


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Against all odds, I have bought a Prizm Deluxe skimmer, as a replacement for my HOB, for my new nano and love it. I know, I don't *really* needed it, but like toys. After 3 days, it produced a nice dry foam in the collection cup without a whole lot of adjusting or fiddeling around. The surface skimmer is quite big, but can be hidden easily by aquascapng around it. The media basket is perfect for SeaGel or carbon.


I let it run for one day on priming position and switched after that to air and immediately got foam buildup and a nice skimmage (and no slimy film on the surface anymore -and- no cleanup crew dooies floating around).


It is also not very noisy either as some people stated here and does not flood my tank with microbubbles. But maybe that's just me ???


I know, it's early for a review, but I am a happy camper and don't understand why so many people seem to dislike the Prizms.


Next (and hopefully last) toy will be the WaveMaker Pro that supposed to arrive here on Monday.

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i love my prizm.. execpt when i feed cyclop-eez... then i get microbubles.. but i just turn it down and all is good

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