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Yellow Sebae


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I am in the planning stages of a reef tank.


In my planning I have been going around to all of the LFS's to check out the salt water sections. The LFS near my house has a very beautiful bright yellow sebae. In fact it is so bright I have trouble believing it is real. Are they naturally bright yellow or has this been altered?

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I remember reading that some anemones were dipped in dye to artificially give them color. I'm not sure how common the practice is nowadays though.

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They tend to be yellow when healthy.I would stay clear of white ones as that indicates that they are unhealthy and starving.

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There is no such thing as a yellow sebae in the wild. They simply don’t come in that colour. The bright yellow or tint of yellow u will see at lfs is a dye used to make the anemone sellable. The dye will however kill the anemone so plz don’t buy one.


Healthy sebaes should be brown. The white ones are bleached and will likely die, as they have no symbiotic algae to photosynthesise with. Some online stores and lfs will say it’s a white strain but this is not true and they are coning you.


If u ever find a coloured sebae be very careful because the chance is it has been dyed. I have only ever seen brown and a purple tinted brown colour morph that is a natural colour.


Hope that helps

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