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Farrah's Nano Cube - 3.5months


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Here are some shots of my nano-cube at about three and a half months. Unfortunately, both my hawain feather duster and my cleaner shrimp were hiding!


Current inhabitants:

-fish - 1 yellow bellied damsel

-inverts - skunk cleaner shrimp, hawain feather duster, small yellow feather duster

-lps - hammer, trumpet

-softies - lots of different zoos, mushrooms, ricordia, brown star polyps, glove polyps, and a toadstool leather



Front View


larger front view


Top View


larger top view

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Oops, forgot about that stuff. The lighting and powerhead are both stock. I pulled out all of the media in the back, except for the sponges in the first chamber. I've also added some chaeto in the front part of the tank (hidden behind the rock) to deal with a nitrate problem.

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zakurie--I was wondering that too. They're gorgeous. My guess is zoos with abnormally large very green polyps. I really like them.



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