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I have been dosing kents liquid reactor in my nano, and I cant seem to get my calcium over 360. Is this stuff useless, or dangerous. What is the best way to achieve proper calcium levels if you are deficient

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What is your alk reading? I bet it is high........ :)


Ca and alk levels are inversely related......one goes up/one goes down. The trick to find the sweet spot where both are in range (400-450ppm Ca and 8-11dKh Alk). Often, with Ca near 500ppm, your Alk is in the crapper around 5-6 dKh. The reverse is true too! Alk readings of 14-15 dKh will often be coupled to Ca levels around 200-250ppm. This is why 2-part additives are so popular (a Calcium component and a buffer component).


Nothing is hard and fast. But as you try to figure it out, remember there are other things at work too, not just adding more and measuring Calcium.


All that being said, 2 part additives, w/c's, and dripping Kalk seem to be the 3 most successful methods used by the nano crowd.

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