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sump media help!


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I am setting up a small sump under my 10 gal. I think i have all the specs down for my overflow box ect., but once i get to the sump I don't know what to use in it. (by the way im cheap!!!!) Cheaper the better if ya know what i mean. Can i use charcoal? If i put some live rock in one of the chambers will that work ok w/o any lighting? What else can i use to cover mechanical/chemical filtration?(1.5 lbs per gallon lr + ls for bio-filtration) any other suggestions that i havn't thought of for a sump would be helpful as well. thanks guys!

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nano reef is not cheap (see any of the threads regarding cost per gallon). charcoal is expensive (im assuming you really meant carbon). you won't get much growing on the outside of the rock without a light but the bacteria will keep on doing their thing without lights. can always get a small hob if you need additional chemical/mechanica filtration.

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I say LR. It will be the most beneficial thing you could do in your specific setup. Smaller rubble chunks. lots of nooks and crannies.... break them up from baseball to golf ball sized pieces.

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