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How often should you target feed corals?


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How often does everyone feed their corals, what do you feed, and what benefits have you noticed from the frequency you feed?


I started target feeding lobster eggs every day, starting around 4 weeks ago, the corals consume all of the food given to them and clowns clean up any excess, I haven't noticed an increase in Nitrates or Ammonia. Is this ok to continue doing provided there are no spikes in paras?


Since doing this my wall hammer which had previously been a little bit browned since purchase has completely returned to it's bright green/pink colouring, and my frogspawn growth is exploding.. It's nearly doubled in size since target feeding and has grown a new head.

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All corals will benefit from target feeding but most of the LPS will explode in growth when target fed meaty foods. I personally use LRS Reef Frenzy and Dr. G's mysis shrimp. I also feed phytoplankton for my SPS and zoas.

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Mr. Microscope

I mostly target feed my SPS now with a combination of Nutri-Cell, Reef Chili, Acro Power, and tank water. I do this every other day. I also suppliment with Red Sea Reef Energy every three days. I keep nutrients low and check them every week or so. I control NO3 and PO4 with All-In-One biopellets and keep the water clean with carbon. Growth has exploded for me recently. Total volume of the system is about 32 gallons. I do a 5 gallon water change every week. I also dose Alk, Ca, and Mg.

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Hmm I'll continue doing what I am for now in that case, heavy feeding doesn't seem unusual at all, will cut back if I notice an increase/spike in anything.. Or if my frogspawn keeps growing at the rate it is and starts taking over the tank!! Thanks everyone :)

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i keep a low dissolved N and P (.75ppm NO3-, .04ppm PO4---), so i feed my LPS a LOT. i give my gold torch a few bits of mysis, brine shrimp, or scallop with tongs pretty much daily. same goes for my plate corals and acan.

the sps are target fed with a pipette 2-3 times a week, and i dose 4ml acropower and 1ml phytofeast into the tank (broadcast feeding) daily.

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