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innovative marine ghost desktop size skimmer in a jbj 28


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ok so one of the skimmers that fits in a nanocube 26G is the IM ghost skimmer - desktop series .. problem is that the filter chamber where it would go is about 7 inches to deep ... you can use a tank magnet to hold it in place , but i don't like the idea of putting something inside the skimmer chamber that could restrict the bubble flow ... so because the mech filter basket needs to be removed (and their are much better 3rd party replacements out their if i ever decide to use a basket) i measured out the basket it's self and noticed it's pretty much the correct size for the skimmer .. so


the normal basket



here i am in the middle of removing the 2 shelves .. needed to use a razor and my dremel .. i tried to just fold the baskets down , but it makes the ghost just a tad to tight of a fit for the tank



and this is what the skimmer looks like in the basket - note this pic was taken when i was trying to just fold the shelves down , notice how it doesnt fit as well .. i dont have a pic of after i took out the selves , but it should give you a decent idea of how it works.



anyway , i hope this helps someone or at least gives a few ideas.

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