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Dragon face pipefish with anemones


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I've got a 30 gallon with a small/medium (softball sized when fully extended) RBTA and three rock anemones. My flow isn't that strong, I've got a koralia nano and a HOB filter that provides turnover.


I have seen this particular fish do well in mixed reef environments, but my biggest concern would be the RBTA. Anyone have personal experience?

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Dragonface spend most of their time on the sand. But if you want my personal opinion, I wouldn't put any pipefish with any nem, mostly because I'm afraid the nem would either eat them or sting them. This is just my opinion however.

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I'd avoid that. I think stinging things and slow moving pipefish don't really go together. I feel they could end up as food as was mentioned by another member. :/ Ask in Albert Thiel's thread?

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Damn. Was hoping for someone to say "NAW, you're good, go for it!" buuuut I already pretty much knew that a pipefish would just be nem-noms.


Thanks for all the input!

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