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Should I move my BTA back into main tank?


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I've had my first Bubbletip anemone for a couple of months now and he has been doing great so I recently brought another one who started moving around trying to find the right spot for a couple of days, anyway I was watching the clowns swimming in and out of him moving between the two nems then went back to doing what I was doing.


A couple of hours later I come back to find him stuck in the intake for my filter, I turned it off right away and got him out, some tenticles and his mouth was stuck (I've since found out I should have let him get out himself) For the last 2 days he's been in a container with LR from my tank, light, heater and air stone, he's attached himself to the rock and moved closer to the airstone and been there for the majority of the time and seems to be looking ok.


Do you think it would be safe to move him back into the main tank now? I'm going to cover the intake, powerhead and wavemaker before hand but was wondering if it would be safe or if it's to early to tell if he's out of the woods?


Thanks in advance for any help

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Thanks :)


I ended up putting him back in the main tank nearly a week ago and he seems to be doing well and even ate for the first time last night which I'm really happy about because he hadn't taken any interest in food since I got him :)

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