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What is a good Blenny for a 20 gallon reef tank?


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I have some LPS and Softies in my 20 gallon reef and was wondering what you guys thought would be a reef safe and peaceful Blenny to add with my two Clowns?

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#1 Choice - Red Sea Mimic Blenny

#2 Choice - Tail-Spot Blenny


If I didn't already have a Tail-Spot I would definitely have a Mimic Blenny. Cant mix blenny conspecifics.

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My bicolor eats off a bamboo skewer most days. It's simple, and means no extra waste.


I alternate scallops, shrimp, bloodworms, and cyclopeeze.

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I love the clown goby the add a much need pop of color to a small aquarium where you can not have a yellow tang.


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