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Porcelain crab


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I have a new porcelain crab, when I bought him he was a nice bright blue, had both claws. Now that he has molted he only has one claw and the color is not as bright, will the nice blue color come back or is there something in the diet that keeps them a nice blue color?

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What other organisms do you have in your tank that could possibly stressing/harming him? Color might be subjective but his other claw should return after the next molt. If you are worried, I would keep him separated for a little while

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How recent was the last molt? That might help as well. I agree as well with Chris, over the next few molts the claw will come back and grow to the original size over time.

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I have a hermit crab in the tank I know I have seen them the odd time in a mix could he cause the problem? No fish it's a pico tank

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