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Suggestions needed on Zoas - they are falling apart


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My radioactive dragon eye zoanthids are falling apart from the rock they are attached to. They detach the self and come out of the rock. I dipped the colony in coral rx thrice in two weeks and also dipped them thrice in iodine.I don't see anything else other than pods coming out from the colony. All other zoas in the tank are doing great. I don't know what could be wrong. This is happening from 20 days and none of the other corals are impacted. I am simply glue the fallen polyps to some other rock. Any ideas on why this is happening ?The colony is over two years old and has around 200 polyps. I frag the colony once in a while to give space for the new polyps to grow. I tried to move the colony to a low flow area and still it is not working. This is happening from a month. Any thoughts or suggestions please.

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I added Boyd enterprises red slime removal . I add it once in 8 months just to clean up the tank. I did not add it above the colony though. The other thing I did was I started dosing aqua vitro fuel twice in a week. But as I said earlier everything else looks fine :(

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