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Hitch hiking orange stony coral?


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I recently bought a piece of live rock, and it had some neat stuff on it including some coral skeletons.. However a couple hours after adding the rock, I noticed one of the skeletons had some live flesh on it as the polyps opened. The polyps are orange and have clear-orange tentacles that are very sticky. I don't think that they are photosynthetic, and they seem to be eating brine shrimp. They must be relatively hardy as they survived being plunked into the tank without any acclimation.


I don't think they will last though because this tank is meant as a FOWLR and only 20 gallons. I will do my best to preserve them.


Sorry about the poor quality, I'll try to get a better one when my camera charges.

Also, some of the polyps are kinda closed around some food. Thanks for any ideas, I don't know much about corals.



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