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Coral Vue Hydros

Marc's DSA Neo 65g Custom by AquaLab Aquaria


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Hey everyone,


I wanted to share an aquarium I recently set up for a good friend of mine. This is what I hope to be the first of many reefs I help set up through my venture AquaLab Aquaria. We are based out of Mountain View, CA and we strive to provide the best advanced aquarium services to both private and commercial customers. There are many perks to working with AquaLab Aquaria, so if you're interested please get in touch!


Now on to the good stuff...


This Neo 65 is Marc's first full-sized aquarium system. After getting introduced to the hobby with a BioCube 29, he was anxious to upgrade to accommodate his ever increasing collection of top-notch coral. The Neo 65 tank was purchased used for a deal he just couldn't pass up, and so working around this aquarium, we built-up this system. Marc didn't want to cut corners, but he wanted to get the most bang for his buck. We came up with the following system and we're very pleased with how it came out.



Aquarium/Stand: DSA Neo 65g

Filtration: Eshopps Sump and Refugium, Eshopps Skimmer, Diablo DC Return Pump, 1" SCWD, Stealth Black Plumbing

Lighting: 2 x Kessil A350

Dosing: Eshopps doser, calcium and bicarbonate

Flow: VorTech MP40, MP10 (with battery back up)


One of the first complications we ran into was that the previous owner of the tank had PVC cemented all the bulkhead threads, gaskets, and mating surfaces creating quite a mess. Needless to say, the bulkheads leaked and needed to be replaced. The cement seized the bulkhead making their extraction quite tricky. AquaLab got it done.





Assembly under the hood. Here you can see the DC Diablo pump which feeds into a 1" check-valve, then through a T, through a 1" SCWD, then alternating between each return outlet. The T allows for the return pump to be used to drive reactors and auxiliary equipment as well. The slim reservoirs are for calcium and bicarbonate solutions. The doser will sit on a custom shelf above. We used a simplified Herbie overflow to achieve a silent, full-siphon effect.




Here are a few preliminary pictures of the system after 1 week of operation.







And now the display!













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Very nice ! I just got a DSA 65 and looking around different Msg boards and this is one of the best I've seen.

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