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Water change mods to a cube


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I'm about to upgrade my 8g IM Nuvo to an 18 CADlights and putting together a list of projects...


I'm curious if anyone has modded an AIO tank this small to ease water changes?


As opposed to the low-tech approach of a siphon into a bucket, I'm thinking either smallish diameter U piping up and over the filter chambers attached to an outboard pump that I could just turn on and have 4 gals in a bucket without really bothering anyone?


Another idea is going through the back two walls midway down the tank with a valve on the outside and let gravity do the work?


You might think... All this work to avoid a simple 3 minutes siphon job? And to that I'd say yes - I like projects.





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Sounds like good project, I like the idea of having a valve at a set height to only allow a set amount of water to be removed. The route with the pump might be a quick way to drain your whole tank if distracted while draining, just a thought...

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If you want to make water changes easier, drill a hole for a bulkhead at the bottom of the back chamber with a ball valve to shut off the flow. Having the pump outside of the tank will make it hard, if not impossible to prime by itself. The pump can't create enough vacuum to start the flow, so you would need to manually do it. Doesn't sound any easier than a hose over the side.

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heres what you need you could probably rig up some timers and 2 of these pumps with 2 water jugs, one for new water and one for waste, and you got yourself a low maintenance self water changing system. all you got to do is don't forget to empty the jugs. and maybe wire in a low water sensor to shut the pump off if you forget to replace the new water



lol my bad forgot to post the link:



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