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Cultivated Reef

Fire, Cleaner, and Coral-banded Shrimp


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Is there a down side to adding all 3 types of shrimp to a 16 gallon tank?


If you want to end up with only a coral banded, no downside.


Corals look awesome...but they'll get nasty.

Fires are pretty. ..but can be reclusive.

Cleaners are funny and bold...awesome personality...for a shrimp.

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The cleaner and fire may not tolerate each other in a small tank. Supposedly they do not get along but mine do fine in a 40 gallon although my cleaner would torment peppermints when I tried some.

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Cleaner shrimp seems to be a bit shy right now. He's off hiding somewhere. But the fire shrimp, he's mister personality :)

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My darn cleaner always steals food from my LPS. So watchout for that

Get some silver sides when you feed your corals give your shrimp a piece of silver side to work on. I find the heads will keep a shrimp very busy.

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