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Stephanie's first reef tank-30 gallon


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Hey everyone :D

So everything is set:

30 gallon

2 tunze 6015 powerheads

Ocean direct oolite live sand

Reef saver BRS dry rocks

Aquaclear 30 as a seagel reactor (I run it empty during cycle)


Added this morning sand and water, this afternoon the water is clear! Added tonight: dr tims ammonia chloride and dr tims one and only bacterias.



Salinity: 1.026

pH: 8.0

Alk: 14.7 KH

Ammonia: 1.6 PPM

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

Calcium: 500 PPM



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Oh and my salinity is 1.026 because it was 1.030 this morning and I lowered it with RODI as much as I could.

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I like your scape, especially that left rock formation. Really cool. I'm a newb too. Welcome to nano-reef :)

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Very neat scape! Looks like you are well on your way, any plans for eventual stocking yet?

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Thanks ;), ya my ideas for stocking: corals: pulsing xenia, some acroporas, candy cane, birdsnest (orange guttatus and thick branch), maybe some zoas, a spiny cup pectinia and maybe an elegance or something for the clowns to host.

Fishes: 2 clowns for sure, 1 yellow tale damsel or bicolor dotty back.

I absolutely want at least 1star or 1 blue maxima clam.

My ideas for the moment ;)

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Hi Stephanie, I am also starting a new 30g tank. My tank will be for seahorses so its the extra high. I will be following.?

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